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Welcome a Revolution 2024

When we talk about Revolution, its name alludes to change. Emerging from a group of women who choose this sport every day as the place where they can make their dreams possible in all areas of life.

Since 2004, Revolution made its way into the Colombian Ultimate by the hand of Mauricio Moore. This dream which began with a group of beginner players, grew and consolidated as a very important process in the country and the world.

Currently the club has sports recognition before the INDER Medellin and legal status through INDEPORTES Antioquia; with a family of more than 150 athletes in different categories such as Children’s, Youth and Adults in the male and female divisions.

The Revolution team trains girls starting from the junior category to enhance all their talent and take them to the Elite and Professional Ultimate levels. It has been the basis of the Colombian National Teams that represent the country in different World Championship scenarios.

Revolution has won 15 times the country’s Nationals, undefeated in its 20 years of existence; in 2017 Revolution became the first international team to be champion of the US Open; in 2018 they were crowned World Runner-up and in 2023 they were crowned as the World Club Champion; in 2019 they were co-founders and champions of the Premier Ultimate League, the first Women’s Professional League of which they were Champions 3 consecutive seasons, as well as 4 consecutive time champions of the Pan American Clubs tournament.

Since you are outside of Medellin we will inform you how our REVOLUTION InterNational process works and how you can join us now. 

Revolution Interntational Program

Virtual practice

Each athlete participates in 2 virtual trainings per week through Zoom in which we carry out the development of the Technical, Tactical and Strategic concepts of the team plus a physical conditioning portion. You will also gain access to a Google Drive Folder where you can find the recordings of these practice sessions and the planning of your future physical training sessions.

In case there are several players in the program in the same city, they can join together and perform the group exercises. For those who do not have this possibility, it is recommended to find an environment in which to complement this tactical-strategic work (University, club, etc.) and coordinate such integration.

To complement the training you preform in your city, we propose that you make periodic visits to Medellin on weekends in which we do Tactical – Strategic trainings according to your financial availability. These are planned on Friday nights (2 hours session) and Saturday afternoon with a regularity of 1 time per month. Once you join we will send you the calendar of these meetings so that you can schedule and participate in them.

Face to face trainings

In addition, Revolution has services for those who live in the City and being from now part of our family you are very welcome to these spaces when you have the opportunity to join us!

Be sure to let us know so we can confirm that when you visit us there are no changes in the schedules. 

Tactical & strategic training schedules



7:00 pm to 7:50 pm: Virtual @ Zoom (Tactics & Strategy)

8:00 to 9:00 pm: Virtual (Physical Conditioning).


6:30 pm to 7:15 pm: Virtual @ Zoom (Tactics & Strategy)

7:15 pm to 8:30 pm: Virtual (Physical Conditioning)

Youth and seedlings


4:00 – 6:00 pm Cancha Marte 2 (Unidad Deportiva Atanasio Girardot)


4:00 – 6:00 pm Cancha Marte 2 (Unidad Deportiva Atanasio Girardot)

Revolution Professional Center

The club has a Professional Training Center in the stadium sector for our athletes and the whole family of the Club. All family members of 1st degree of consanguinity have free access to the gym both in person and virtual.

Mental Strengthening

Our promoted and elite athletes, go through a Mental Strengthening Program, which consists of a system of monthly meetings in which they articulate the progress of each one and orients what they want to achieve in the sport and also opens doors in other issues of life.


Every year the club competes in different local tournaments during the year that prepare the athletes towards the main tournament which is the National Tournament of Clubs that usually takes place in the month of October. This is during the bridge of the week of school break and the TEP (International Tournament Eternal Spring in Medellin). Once you enter I will send you the schedule of events for you to define in which you are interested in participating. You must also complete the form below to know your interest and availability for such events.

Admission form

In case you want to register with our sports club, fill out the following form to be included in our database.

(If you are part of another club and want to continue in it, you do not need to fill it out but you must notify us prior to the competitions to request the respective permissions).


2024 fees

+Monthly fee:  USD 25.00/mes (50% of the USD 50.00 fee for in-person participants).
+Quarterly Fee: USD 71.00


Paypal info@revolutionultimate.com
Send proof of payment: pagos@revolutionultimate.com

+Monthly Mental Strength Program: USD 13.00
+Quarterly Payment: USD 36.00

Paypal mauromoore@gmail.com
Send proof of payment: info@mauriga.com


Total: USD 38.00 X Month
Total Quaterly: USD 107.00 X 3 Months
*Note: If you prefer to make payments by bank transfer, let us know.

Contact us

If you or your parents have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Mauricio Moore

Mauricio Moore

Head coach

+57 3162842549

Alejandra María Torres Echeverri

Alejandra María Torres Echeverri


+57 3175170254

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